Scavenger Hunt

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Wonderwool Wales

Hello there.

Me and my knitting pal Romain had a super day at Wonderwool Wales.

There were of course, sheep and goats.

Rainbows of yarn wherever you looked.
A beautiful crochet blanket on the Easy Knits stall.
 An absolutely stunning shawl on the Jamiesons stall.
 We wandered and squished and oooed and ahhhaaad.

Would you like to see what I bought?  

2 balls of Jamieson and Smith 4ply.
An unexpected amount of sock yarn namely;
 5 mini sock skeins.  Stripy socks coming up!
2 skeins of hand dyed sock yarn.

 2 patterns from Purl Alpaca.
 A pattern for Gathering Raindrops by Belinda Harris-Reid, a holey poncho, Dorne Rising Shawl ~ a crochet shawl and a pattern book by Marie Wallin called Winter Crochet.  I particularly liked the jumper on the cover which combines crochet and knitting.
We had a lovely yarny day and, of course, I fell asleep on the bus coming home, something Romain is used to.

After some lovely spring sunshine we are now forecast coldness again.  *Sigh*.
I hope you have a super week, however warm it is where you are.
See you soon ..................Clicky Needles.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Hello Sunshine

Hello All.

How lovely to see the sunshine this weekend. 
 I've stopped and looked up at the beautiful blue sky with aeroplane contrails and it made me smile.
We took the dog for a walk on Minchinhampton Common and found brightly coloured kites.
I dug a new hole for the washing line spike that had been removed by a digger, and hung out washing.  It feels like the weather is on the turn.

My temperature blanket has reached its fifth row.  I have decided to add a yellow middle for a sunshiny day, and two of the squares are pink in the 13-15 degree range, positively balmy. 
 I continue to join the wedding blanket but I was distracted by the Drops sock yarn sale that is on at the moment.  I bought these balls to make two pairs of socks, these and these.  
 Our building work progresses well,  I am looking beyond the dirt and dust, the windows look like this right now.  It's an excellent excuse not to do any cleaning.  
Let's hope this lovely weather continues. 
 I'll see you soon Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Time to Join

Hello All!

It's joining time for the Wedding Blanket.  This is my first attempt.  Two clusters of 4 trebles each and 4 double trebles (with 2 slip stitches) on the corners.  I wasn't happy with the way that the squares laid together.  Can you see?  They're not very flat ~ quite lumpy in fact.
The corners also didn't look good to me.  I didn't like the big gaps between the trebles and the corners.
This is attempt no 2.  6 double trebles in the corners 
and an extra join before the corners.  It lies much flatter now, those extra stitches have filled in the bumps.  I'm much happier with this.  
I have fitted in a little bit of sewing lately too.  Mum gave me a cutting mat for Christmas or Birthday,  I forget which, and Mr Clicky gave me the ruler and rotary cutter, so I thought it was time to use them.  OH BLIMEY!!!!  Why didn't I get them earlier?  Cutting out was a cinch.
I made two little bags for small knitting projects, not for me but two girls at school, out of some old curtain material I had.  We spend 15 minutes of our lunch time knitting and chatting.  One of the girls has just lost her gran and she was the one who helped her with her knitting so I offered to help instead.
I'm pleased to say, they were pleased.
The extension continues on at a pace, the roof joists are going in now.  Every evening I drive home desperate to find out what has happened during the day.  So exciting!

Right that's me for now,  I'm off to do some more joining.

Have a good week................Clicky Needles. 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

My Pot Runeth Over

Hello All!

I thought it was time to take stock of my (Wedding Present) blanket and see how many more circles were needed.  I laid them all out in the living room and discovered, to my delight, it's only about 20 more.
I am loving these bright little circles and I think this blanket will be hard to part with.

Almost all the circles have also had the ends sewn in, 6 for each, so my pot of tiny bits is flowing over.
 I separated them all into individual colours and I'm making little pom-poms with them, as I can't bear throwing away even the smallest of bits.
These all need trimming.  I'm not sure what do with them yet, a pom-pom wreath? pom-pom garland? edging on a cushion? 
The weather has cheered up a bit and we have seen some sunshine.  I found myself doing some unexpected gardening today, I went out to cut a clematis down and ended up filling both my garden rubbish wheelie bins.  I'm feeling it now, my shoulders are really aching!

That's me for now, I'm itching to get those circles joined.

Have a great week...............Clicky Needles.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Pottering along

Hello Folks!

I've been a bit awol of late.  Just the normal life thing, and I've realised I'm not picking up my camera enough, something which I will remedy.

Here are my snowdrops that I rescued from the back garden before a digger drove over them.  They're in a pot by the front door and even though they are a little past their best, they are making me smile when I come in from work.
I have enough squares in my temperature blanket so I've started to join them.  It's 16 squares wide and I'm joining them with a slip stitch join through the back loop, with white yarn which I don't mind the peeking through.  I've 2 white middles so far (snow) and some blue middles for rain.  Not a bit of drizzle, the sort of rain when you look out, say yuk and batten down the hatches.  I'm now thinking I should be adding yellow middles for a cheery sunshiny day, like today.  This means I shall have to amend my colours, I will have to think about it.

In theory I'm making a square a day, sewing in the ends and attaching it to the blanket, but in practise I record the temperature and then colour in when I have made the square, usually 5 or 6 at a time.  By colouring in when I make them I can keep better track of where I am.

The wedding present blanket is also coming along nicely, I'm up to about 200 squares so closer to my 300 ish target.  I'll lay them all out again to see how it's looking this weekend.

Well that's me for now, as it is sunny I think I might get outside and fill some of my green waste bins.

Have a super week ......................Clicky Needles.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Half Term

Hello Folks!

Half Term is upon us in this neck of the woods and I've been pottering around.  I do love to potter, not really doing anything but still getting things done at the same time.  I'm trying the get over the numerous lurgies I've had over the last few months.  I lost my voice a few weeks ago (I'm sure all around me didn't mind) and was feeling grotty again.  I'm taking multi-vitamins and I'm hoping that'll help.

I popped into town this week and found myself in Tiger.  A lovely shop for a root around, I couldn't resist when I saw some little stamps.
 I've been after an alphabet for a while.
I think I need a little more practise when I ink the stamps.
I also picked up these bright ball magnets.
 And some ribbon (always useful.)
 The circles for The Wedding Blanket continue to grow, my basket contains the ones with all the ends sewn in, there are lots more waiting.
 The weather has been a mixed bag lately, but on this dog walk the other day the sunshine filtered through and it was very welcome.
The extension is making good progress, with lots of deliveries arriving, as much as possible coming over the garden wall.
 Unfortunately the concrete girders which will form the base to the extension were left in the front garden.  They are 1600kgs each, and were carried by the builder, his son (Master Clicky's school friend) and Master Clicky.  There was much moaning from the boys, not helped because they Googled 'How to carry concrete girders' and came up with 'It needs 6 people, not 3.'  Stay away from Google I say.
 They worked incredibly hard, I cooked them bacon sandwiches and then they brought the concrete blocks through from the front too.
The last thing I need to show you today is the sunrise the other morning.  It really made me feel sandwiched in between sky and earth, but of course, a few minutes later it had gone and things were back to normal.
Right, I'm off to finish cleaning the oven (urgh) and make the lovely builder another cup of tea.  

See you soon.............Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Blanket Update

Hello All!

I've been spending lots of time on the Wedding Blanket, I've got over 100 circles now.  I got them all out the other day to see how the colours are working.
The yellow and the two new pinks have really jazzed it up.  Even though I'm a pinky/purply/blue sort of girl, I'm loving the really bright colour combinations.
 I have end sewing-in sessions every few days.  I'm enjoying this as well, because I'm making mini pom-poms with the ends, no matter how small.
 The exciting new I told you about the other week is an extension on the back of our house.  The kitchen and living room will both increase in size and the old dining room will become my craft room.  Yippee!  

We cleared the garden as much as we could, I've saved all the precious plants, 
and the builder started digging.  Any grass that was visible soon disappeared.
The dog wasn't too happy about the 'muck' removal lorry ~ a massive grab truck and let us all know it was there by constantly barking.
 Trenches complete, three lorry loads of concrete were pumped over our wall.

 The dog and I went out to check the next morning it had set.  Looking good.
I will update you from time to time and try my very best not be become an extension bore.

That's me for now, I'm baking brownies for the builder.    

Have a great week..............Clicky Needles.